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About Us

Started in 1998, Inontime has been steadily growing ever since. The PRINCIPLES we operate on make our customers successful and us fun to work with. We "don't feel like a normal trucking company." Inontime consists of higher caliber PEOPLE who are working for a greater purpose. Our most critical value is TRUST which is fostered through INTEGRITY, AUTONOMY, and CARING. Inontime’s structure pushes ownership to the level of execution so that everyone has the power to SERVE our customers in such a way that leaves them a bit surprised every time.


Based in Zeeland, Michigan, the “secret” of our lasting success in a very competitive logistics industry is hardly a secret at all: we work extremely hard to ensure that our customers look good, succeed completely, and experience an unmatched level of customer service. And with a name like “Inontime,” you know that reliability, thoroughness and punctuality are not just promises we make – they’re promises we keep!



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