Transportation and Warehousing Solutions

At Inontime we strive to be your partner. With dedication and a can-do
attitude, no challenge is too great, and no mile is too hard.


Matching your requirements and your needs to our fleet and warehouses gives you the flexibility you are looking for in your logistics provider. Unmatched service and reliability makes Inontime your complete logistics solution.


InOnTime | West Michigan Trucking and Warehousing SolutionsTraveling daily to Chicago, Detroit and many places in-between, Inontime is the complete, single-source transportation solution for all of your needs.


InOnTime | West Michigan Trucking and Warehousing SolutionsOur warehousing solutions provide you with an efficient, accessible, and one-stop local link to your international supply chain.

Why Choose US


Our logistics options are designed to fit most of our customers’ needs. We are the leaders in customization. We know that some solutions must be invented, and we have the capabilities to customize and execute new requests with efficiency and accuracy. With our fleet, we do not broker out any shipments. You can be assured it will be an Inontime team member in an Inontime truck picking up and delivering your goods.

Customer Service

 Doing “2 Things Different at Every Dock” is our philosophy and sets our team apart. Besides doing what we came to do, we look for two other things that we can be of help with at our customers’ docks, showing them that we care about them and their individual needs.

Exceptional Solutions

As a fully integrated transportation and warehousing leader, “exceptional” is our standard for transportation, warehousing, and logistics solutions. Inontime seeks to always exceed your expectations in the areas that matter to you most: reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality assurance, and integrity. We add unmatched customer service, which will transform the way you envision what a logistics solutions partner can be, for your peace of mind and your company.

Exceptional Team. Exceptional Service. Doing Things Different.

Great people empowered to make a difference every day, internally and externally, with personalized service at cost saving rates. We work hard with pride to serve our purpose: seeing customers and team members smile in all we do.

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